Florida Boat Insurance: How to Protect Your Boat for Serious Weather

When you have a boat in Florida, protecting it from serious weather is always on your mind. While boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Florida, it’s always a good idea given the unpredictable nature of Florida weather, especially in hurricane season. Not only do you want to be sure that you have boat insurance, you want to be sure that your boat is as safe as possible to operate.

At Singh Insurance and Financial Services LLC, we want Clermont, FL boat owners to feel safe on their boats at all times. Follow these tips on how to protect your boats for serious weather.

Have a Boat Storage Plan

When you have a boat docked and know a storm is coming in, talk to your marina about how to store it when the weather gets bad. You may be able to get hurricane haul-out coverage from your insurance agent. This will cover the cost of hauling your boat to a safe storage facility, and returning it after the storm.

Decrease Wind Woes

Wind damage is one of the most expensive damages to worry about after a storm. Go through your boat to reduce any concerns here. Take any canvas from the boat, secure any loose articles, or remove any objects that could fly of the boat. 

Remove all valuables from the boat. That includes anything from bedding to fishing equipment. Take your documents with you. Make sure all technology comes off of the boat with you as well. 

If it is not screwed or nailed down, take it with you.

Secure With Anchors

When a storm is coming, it’s not uncommon for boat owners to apply more anchors than usual. Invest in one or two more anchors for the boat, and use them for storms. It’s a simple strategy that works.

Shore Up on Boat Insurance

If you have a boat in Clermont, FL, make sure that you have enough insurance for it. That will give you more peace of mind on the water, and when storms are on the way. Call Singh Insurance and Financial Services LLC today for a quote.

3 Ways to Protect My Boat From Storm Damage

The agents of Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC can provide their clients who live in the Clermont, FL area get the answers they need when it comes to protecting their boats from storm damage. There are several ways to make sure your boat is properly secured and protected from any inclement weather that may be heading your way. Taking the necessary measures to make sure your boat is out of harm’s way will protect your investment.

Use an Elevated Boat Dock

If you don’t want to pull your boat completely out of the water, you can store it in an elevated boat dock. The dock will raise the boat out of the water without pulling it completely off the water with a trailer. This will keep the boat from slamming against the dock or other nearby boats.

Store Your Boat in Dry Dock

If you don’t plan on using your boat, it may be a good idea to pull it completely out of the water and put it in a dry dock. You can leave the boat on the trailer and pull it into a large storage facility, or you can cover it and leave it parked outside in an enclosed area. 

Have Your Boat Shrink-Wrapped

If you pull your boat out of the water but can’t store it inside, you can shrink-wrap to protect the interior. This will keep small animals and moisture out as well.

In Clermont, FL, you can learn more about protecting your boat from storm damage by following a few simple tips. The agents at Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC can answer any questions their clients have about keeping their boats safe during severe weather events.

Does my boat insurance cover my personal belongings, like my phone and wallet?

You probably assume that you are covered if anything happens while you are out boating if you have already purchased boat insurance through Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC. Living in Clermont, FL means having access to great weather and water, so you do what you need to do to make sure you have the protection you need when you are out boating.

Your insurance agent probably offered you multiple deductibles and maximum coverage levels, because no two people are in the same situation. If you have a fancier boat, you will need more coverage. Even if you don’t have an expensive boat, you want to make sure that you won’t have to pay out of pocket if someone else is injured while you are boating.

But your primary coverage, which includes liability protections, probably doesn’t cover all your personal possessions. If you want to get the right protection, you can simply add on to your existing coverage. Personal effects and fishing equipment policy will protect your personal possessions, such as your phone, fancy fishing gear, and other possessions you bring with you while you are boating. Everything from clothing to bait boxes to sporting goods can be covered under this policy.

At Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC, we try to make sure every customer has the protection they need. Beyond basic coverage for common claims like property damage and theft, we can help you choose your level of protection for personal injury, fuel spills, and anything else you think is a concern. If you are involved in a lawsuit, your insurance may even cover legal fees. If you have any questions or would like to add more coverage to your Clermont, FL policy, please give us a call today.