Safety Tips for Halloween

Fall is underway and that means that it is almost time for Halloween! Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Halloween, we hope you do it safely and enjoy yourself. If you decide to either go trick or treating or give out candy, these Halloween safety tips are for you!

Be Smart About The Decorations You Choose

When it comes to decorations, try and make wise decisions to protect yourself and the people who may come on your property. Avoid cornstalks and dried flowers because these are known to be highly combustible. If you use lights or electrical equipment, make sure they have been tested for safety by looking for ETL, UL or CSA markings. If you use decorations that require plugs, do not plug too many things into one outlet or extension cord. Also use ground fault circuit interrupters to avoid electric shock. 

Examine Your Property For Potential Nighttime Dangers

You may think your property is safe, but something as simple as a small hole could be dangerous for night time when vision is not as clear. Walk around your entire yard and clear away anything that can be tripped over stepped on. Also make your walkway visible so trick or treaters can stay on a clear path to receive their candy!

Be Cautious With Lights

Lights can be fun and also convenient when it comes to lighting up walkways or showing off decorations. Although, you should want to be wise when it comes to how you display them. Make sure not to have anything draped over your lights, such as fabric, that could catch on fire. Avoid using any sort of open flame and consider replacing actual candles with battery operated ones or LED lights. 

Put Your Decorations in Smart Spots

Along with examining your yard for trip hazards, you should also put up your decorations in a smart way to avoid tripping or them getting stepped on. Place them away from high traffic areas and to avoid injury, follow the manufacturer’s instructions that can be found on the box or a tag on the decoration itself.

Consider the Risks Before Inviting Neighbors Inside

Haunted houses can be a lot of fun and you may want to make one for your neighbors to enjoy. Just weigh out the pros and cons before you make a decision like this. If someone is hurt while in your house, they could possibly take you to court over their injuries. Ensure your house is as safe as it can be. Also try and avoid advertising your haunted house on social media so it does not attract too big of a crowd. 

If you are concerned about something regarding this spooky holiday, be sure and contact Singh Insurance. We can provide more helpful tips or even start a policy to make sure you are covered. Call us today at 352-432-1646.

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