15 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A House

How Long Has The House Been Up For Sale?
Typically if a house has been on the market for a long time, one can suspect there are some
problems with either the property or the house itself. Although, if the house has been for sale for
over 90 days, it is acceptable to make a low offer. If it has been up for sale for less than a
month, your low offer is most likely to be declined, so you should increase it.

How much will EVERYTHING cost?
Many first time buyers assume that the price the house is selling for is all they have to pay. This
is not the case because buying a house comes with a lot of other expenses. These expenses
include inspection, appraisal, mortgage insurance, mortgage interest, taxes, HOA fees and
homeowners insurance. If you take the time to incorporate the price of each of these in with how
much the house is selling for, you will have a better understanding of the final and TOTAL cost
of buying the home.

WHY is the home for sale?
Often someone may be selling their home due to job relocation, a growing family or maybe even
retirement, but this may not always be the case. Questioning why the prior homeowner is
moving out may reveal information that may make or break your decision. Legally, if there is
something wrong with the home or property it must be disclosed. Although, anything unknown
should come up in the home inspection as well.

What does the sale include?
Sometimes a person selling the house may be generous and leave some things, such as
appliances or furniture, behind for the next buyer. It is a good idea to know what exactly is
included in purchasing the home so you can get a better understanding as to what else you
need to buy if you decide to make an offer on the house. This way you can budget and know
exactly how much you will be spending in total.

What is the general cost of utilities?
It is a common mistake when either buying or renting a home that the buyer only considers the
monthly mortgage or rent payment into their bills and budget. Specific utilities you should
question are internet, heating and cooling, water, trash, sewer and electric expenses. These
may vary based on the location or the home and asking can help you plan out your monthly

Do you have a responsive mortgage broker?

While you are waiting for your mortgage to close, it is much easier to have a mortgage broker
who answers your questions and is responsive when you call on them. Generally, you will be
waiting approximately 40 days for the mortgage to close, and it would be very frustrating to not
have answers to your questions in that time period!Is the home susceptible to natural disasters?
Earthquakes, floods and tornadoes are natural events that we have no control over. Although,
there are some precautions you can take to learn how the house you are purchasing may be
affected by these occurrences. FEMA has a floodplain map in which a homeowner can search
their address and uncover the history of flood exposure the home has had.

Are there any hazards that may not be found in the inspection?
This is a very important question because there are certain things that could be overlooked by
the inspection but still pose a risk to you or your family’s health or safety. Try to find out if the
home has asbestos, mold, lead paint, radon or infestations before you make your final decision.
The presence of these may be the dealbreaker in your deciding factors.

Were there any additions or renovations done to the home?
While this may add value to the house or make it more appealing, sometimes renovations are
not always what you would expect. There is a possibility that whoever did the renovation cut
some corners to save time or money or simply did not do a very good job. You can ask the seller
for the contact information of the person or company who renovated the home and find comfort
in asking them questions for yourself.

What is the age of certain necessities in the home?
The older an appliance is, the sooner it would need to be replaced. It is a good idea to know
how old things such as the water heater, furnace or condenser are and if they have been
serviced like they should. It is also wise to ask how old the roof is to try and avoid problems
such as holes and leaks.

What is the size of the water heater?
This question is definitely important, but can be a necessity if you have a large family, especially
teenagers. Nothing is worse than your warm water suddenly turning cold during a nice, hot
shower. A family of four would likely need at least a 50 gallon water heater to ensure everyone
is allowed a decent, warm shower.

How are my neighbors?
The people around you will have a big impact on your day to day life. It is a good idea to find out
what kind of people are going to be living near you. For example, a group of college boys may
play loud music throughout the night when an adult couple is trying to sleep. Or there may be
really helpful and kind neighbors that you have things in common with. It is simply wise to know
what kind of people are around you.

Is this house haunted?!

Okay, this may sound silly, especially if you are not superstitious or do not believe in ghosts.
Believe it or not, if your house is rumored to be haunted, it may attract a great deal of attention
you would not want.

What is the neighborhood like?
This question could also make or break your decision. If you have small children, it would be
beneficial to know if there are other small children who play in the neighborhood. Or, like
previously mentioned, if it contains a lot of college kids who like to party! This could go many
different ways, but regardless, it is a good thing to know before purchasing a home.

Can I have the original plans for the house?
If the previous owner kept these, it is a good idea to secure them for yourself. They could be
valuable to you as a home buyer! If the owner who is selling does not have them, try to find out
the architecture firm and contact them.

Most importantly, finding home insurance should be one of your top priorities when purchasing a
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