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Umbrella Insurance

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  • Umbrella Insurance Coverage Florida

You decide on the amount of coverage you think you need based on the assets that you have. You can get additional liability coverage for small sailboats, your primary residence, two vehicles, and even motorboats that have no more than 50 horsepower all from a standard umbrella policy.

However, you can add optional coverage if you like for certain situations or other property such as:

  • Vacation or secondary homes
  • Additional vehicles
  • Rental properties
  • Recreational vehicles that are unlicensed
  • Jet sleds/jet skis
  • Vacant land
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists

If you already have a current homeowners, boat, or even auto insurance policy, you may be able to benefit from umbrella insurance. They are great to have because they give you additional coverage for certain claims that may not be included in all liability coverages. These claims consist of slander, libel, and even false arrest. We can help you select the right umbrella policy here at Singh Insurance and Financial Services LLC in Florida.

  • Do I need an umbrella insurance policy?

It only makes sense to purchase an umbrella insurance policy since the main benefit of the coverage is to help safeguard any assets that you may have from a pending lawsuit. An umbrella insurance policy can help protect you and cover you if any of the following events were to occur:

  • Your child causes a car accident
  • You have an injured guest that requires future care
  • You cause your neighbor’s flood downstairs
  • Your friend (who was injured while at your home) cannot work
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No matter where you are in the world, your umbrella insurance will follow you. It can assist you with any legal fees and or damages if you are accused of any reason for slander or other offenses.

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Give us a call or visit our Singh Insurance and Financial Services LLC website today for a quote for an umbrella insurance policy. If you reside in Florida, we want to help you.

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