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Life Insurance

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  • Probate Court & Estate Fees

After your final services have concluded with the funeral home, your loved ones will become responsible for your estate as outlined in your will. Per the state of Florida, these wills are processed through Probate Court, which will trigger fees for this service. Should the estate be divided among loved ones, survey fees and lawyer fees will accumulate, leaving your family members responsible. In your life insurance policy, you can allow additional monies to your beneficiaries that will cover the cost of these different costs and prevent a financial burden on them.

  • Cover Your Final Expenses Today

If you know that you have specific final wishes, do not wait another day to find a policy that will cover the final expenses of your funeral services and estate upon your passing. Contact one of our agents at Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC in Clermont, FL for a quote and to answer your questions. Our agents proudly serve the residents of Florida and are ready to work with you.

  • Life Insurance and Protecting Your Future

One of the most common problems that occurs to family members is the financial burdens of family members who have passed away that were withholding debt. One of those debts can include your final costs and fulfilling any final wishes. Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC of Clermont, FL understands what you need to protect your family and can assist you with developing your life insurance policy.

  • Plan For The Services You Want

If you have specific requests regarding your burial site, services, and type of casket or urn, then you should add the costs into your budget when determining your policy. Consider the overall cost of the venue as listed by the funeral home, as well. All of these aspects to consider have costs. It is a suggested practice to add approximately fifteen percent to the total for inflation and tax purposes. Taking the time to plan out this crucial time in your family’s life will help with the grieving process and allow them to focus on you rather than stress about finances.

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  • Life Insurance

It is always a smart idea to have life insurance to take care of the ones you love if something happens to you. There are many kinds of life insurance that you can consider, which are appropriate for your financial condition, marital status, children you have, and your age. Discuss these specifics with your agent to find a solution that lets you rest easy.

For your convenience, you can use our online tool to get a quote for home and auto insurance. For other insurance options, come visit the office in Clermont, FL or give our agents a call at Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC.

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