What Should I Know About Wind Mitigation Insurance?

Depending on the location of your Clermont, FL home, wind can become a constant menace for your prized investment. For this reason, you may need a windstorm mitigation inspection to look out for your home’s wind resistance features. The inspection involves checking out your door or window coverings, your roof, and anything in between.

While windstorm mitigation inspection isn’t required in Florida, it can result in significant savings.  Do you want to learn more about wind mitigation inspection? Hang on as Singh Insurance and Financial Services LLC shares more insights.

What does wind mitigation inspection entail?

While windstorm inspection differs from one provider to another, the common areas covered by this inspection are as highlighted below.

Examining the building code

Given the year that your home was built, an inspector can determine the building code in operation and how strict it was. The building code is pivotal because it shows whether your house has robust wind mitigation features.

Analyzing the rooftop

What’s the age of your roof? What’s the material used to put up your roof? How about the shape and slope of your roof? What about the material for roof decking? These details are essential in determining the structural integrity of your home.

Opening protection

Wind inspection checks out for gazed and non-gazed openings and how resistant they are to windstorms. Without proper measures around your openings, debris can compromise your home’s pressure barriers. Furthermore, considering hurricane shutters isn’t a bad idea if you want to increase your inspection ratings.

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