Umbrella Insurance 101

Similar to the metaphor of an umbrella, Umbrella Insurance is there for protection. Your policy is in place to cover anything else that your normal policies would not. It can be thought of that your Umbrella Policy is there to “branch out” to all the aspects of your life. There are two main types of Umbrella Insurance and we’re here to break it down and explain them to you.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Like it states, this type of policy is for all personal matters of your life. For example, covering your homeowner’s and automobile coverage. This type of coverage is extremely important because if you were at fault in an accident, and the opposing party received great damage with extensive medical bills, you may be responsible for some of these charges. Your typical auto policy may cover some of it, but the more damage done, and considering the possibility that the party may sue, it is ideal to have that extra protection of an Umbrella Policy in place.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This type of insurance is utilized for your business. All business owners should inquire and invest in this type of insurance. While many believe that simply having a commercial insurance policy will suffice, you never know what can happen or occur at your business. Whether someone is injured on your business’ property or numerous items are stolen or damaged, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having a Commercial Umbrella Policy ensures that no matter what happens, you and your business are covered.

Now you may understand what Umbrella Insurance is, but perhaps you don’t know exactly why you would need it. Here are several reasons why you should look into this type of policy:

-You have a new driver in the family. An Umbrella policy would cover any damage or medical expenses if your teen was at fault in a car accident.

-You have a temper/aren’t good with your words. In case you didn’t already know, someone can sue you at the drop of a hat. Umbrella Insurance is essential in the event of getting sued.

-You throw a lot of parties. Did you know if you provide a guest with liquor and then they leave your house and injure someone, you could be at fault? An Umbrella Policy would help with this.

-You own a pool. We’ve mentioned before that if someone is injured at your home, they could sue but owning a swimming pool makes this risk that much higher.

-You drive a long distance to work. The longer you drive, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. Don’t be held responsible for injuries, suffering or medical bills. Get your Umbrella Insurance policy today.

Many people simply pass up the thought of Umbrella Insurance because they believe they will never use it. Let me ask you this…would you rather purchase a policy and never use it or not have a policy and lose everything? At Singh Insurance and Financial Services, we would be happy to discuss your coverage options with you. You can send your inquiry to today.