What to do When a Hurricane Damages Your Property

Did you know that June begins Hurricane Season? This means that along with receiving warmer weather, we are also likely to have more storms, some more severe than others. When you experience a hurricane, especially a strong one, you may receive damage to your home or your vehicle. We’re here to inform you of what to do when your car or home receives damage.

Take pictures of the damage

The first thing you should do is take pictures of the damage that has been done. You may want to wait until the storm is over because it can be dangerous being outside during a severe storm, but as soon as it is safe, take the pictures. You may also want to make a list of everything that was damaged, including the time that the damage occurred.

Keep all of the damaged property

You may have the urge to clean up and throw away some of the damaged property, but it is important to keep the damaged items until the claims adjusters’ agreement is complete. For example, if shingles were blown off your roof, don’t throw them away. Keep them until all processes are done and final.

Contact your insurance company

Once the storm has subsided and you have all of your information together, contact your insurance agent. Let them know exactly what happened and exactly what is damaged. Inform them that you have pictures and notes that you have taken and find out how to get that information to them. Your agent should be able to point you in the right direction and get you started on the repair process.

Keep receipts and documents

This may vary based on what your insurance agent says, but as a general rule of thumb, any repairs that you make, keep the receipt. You may need them to be reimbursed by your insurance company. Or if not possible, you may be able to use them elsewhere, such as for taxes.

You also want to keep the documents from the insurance agency. They may email or mail you forms that you need to complete, or even documents that state what they are going to do/have done for you. It is always a good idea to keep important documents.

We always hope that during hurricane season we do not receive any harsh weather, but we must prepare for the worst possible scenario. If you are unsure about one of your policies, or have questions regarding one of these processes, make sure to contact Singh Insurance and Financial Services. We’ll have you squared away in no time!

How To Get The Best Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Summer is here, and if you plan to hit the road on your motorcycle, you need motorcycle insurance. Under harsh economic conditions, you want to save cash on your motorcycle insurance rates. Here is how you can keep the insurance rates for your bike down in Clermont, FL.

1. Get a More Basic, Older, and Less Expensive Bike

If you want to purchase a bike, there is always the temptation to buy a big, stylish, more powerful machine that costs almost as much as a low-end car. However, the more expensive your motorcycle, the higher your insurance rates. You can improve your insurance rate by getting a more basic, older, and less expensive bike. You should also avoid modifying your bike, as most modifications will make your motorcycle insurance rates more expensive.

2. Limit Your Mileage

If you plan only to ride your bike on weekends this summer, you likely won’t be riding many miles. Singh Insurance and Financial Services LLC recommend that you try to reduce your bike’s insurance rates by choosing a plan that limits your mileage. Motorcycle insurance policies with no mileage limit are usually more costly.

3. Join a Motorcycle Riding Club

Some motorcycle insurance providers have discounted motorcycle insurance deals with bike riding clubs. The riding club membership discount can sometimes be up to 10%. Therefore, you can expect the best deal on your motorcycle insurance rates if you are a motorcycle club member. 

4. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

An insurer will view you as a minimal-risk rider and give you the best rates if you have taken motorcycle safety classes. Therefore, you should enroll in a motorcycle safety class now.

Do you need motorcycle insurance in Clermont, FL? Come to Singh Insurance and Financial Services LLC for the best insurance deals.