Common riders you may want to add to your home policy

Home insurance is designed to protect your home. Most people don’t know the extent of their coverage or lack of coverage. Reading your policy can save you a lot of heartaches if you ever need to file a claim. At the very least, reading your declaration lets you know the limits your policy has and can be a wake-up call that some things are lacking. At Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC in Clermont, FL, we have multiple years of agency experience and we are your trusted independent agency. 

Home Insurance Policies to Consider

Jewelry rider

A typical home policy has a limit on the amount you can claim for jewelry. Chances are that if you have an engagement ring, you may have exceeded your policy limit. That means no other jewelry you have would be covered. With a jewelry rider, you can determine the amount of coverage that works for you. Get your valuable pieces appraised to provide to the insurance company if you ever need to file a claim. 

Inflation rider

Your home insurance needs to keep up with rising costs in your area. The price to rebuild your home is not a static figure and the cost of the labor to do the job is also on the rise. With an inflation rider, you don’t have to worry about the rising costs, your policy will rise with them. 

Sewer backup rider

What could be worse than having the sewer back up into your home?  A disgusting thought. You need a rider to make sure that you have special coverage to provide the coverage to do the clean-up required. 

At Singh Insurance and Financial Services, LLC in Clermont, FL, we deal with multiple carriers and one of them will be a good fit for you. Let us help you to customize your home insurance policy to provide all the protection you need. Give us a call or stop into our office for a no-obligation quote. 

A Gift for Someone you Love: Why Life Insurance is a Wonderful Present

Because February is the month of love, you may be in the market for a present for your loved one. A life insurance policy is a gift that keeps on giving and would provide financial security for your loved one and their family. We have put together a few reasons as to why life insurance is a great gift.

Benefits for the Living

While Life Insurance is commonly used after a loved one passes, there are also benefits to using it before that happens as well. For example, you can use the amount from your policy to pay for medical expenses or any other circumstance of your choosing. Although, your benefits are subjected to eligibility requirements, so check with your insurer or in the fine print of your policy. 

Final Expenses Coverage

One of the more obvious uses of a Life Insurance policy is for the final expenses that come with the passing of a loved one. Funerals, burial or cremation and the things that come along with these can be very expensive, and having a lump sum of money to help cover that can be essential. There is also the possibility of medical bills that may be left behind after death. Don’t leave your family overwhelmed in piles of debt, plan ahead and reserve Life Insurance to cover all of these expenses. 

Savings for Retirement

Another way in which Life Insurance doesn’t simply have to be used after death is in the case of a retirement savings. Perhaps you began contributing to your 401K too late in life or maybe had to dip into your retirement for an emergency…Life Insurance is here to help. You can use the money from your policy to fund your retirement. 

Paying for Dependent’s College

Your child going off to college can be an emotional rollercoaster. While you are proud of them and happy to see them pursuing their education, you also know you will miss them and have to figure out how you are going to afford this expensive tuition! A Permanent Life Insurance policy can be used to assist in the payments towards your child’s college expenses. 

Plan for your Business

Do you own a business or are you an entrepreneur? This is for you! Your Life Insurance policy can help fund various aspects of your business, or perhaps reward/pay the employers that you have working for you.

Not only is life insurance necessary, but it can be used as a very thoughtful gift. It shows that you care about the person, and is useful as well as exciting. At Singh Insurance and Financial Services, we are experts on all policies. Contact our office for all of your life insurance needs here in Florida!